Julie in our test kitchen shows you how quick and easy it is to fill cupcakes: Cream-filled cupcakes, lemon-filled cupcakes, strawberry-filled cupcakes, and more.

This Strawberry Cheesecake and Fudge Cupcake is made with a fudgy cake loaded with little chocolate pieces (today you can get the mix for free) and filled with a strawberry cheesecake filling and topped with a strawberry buttercream frosting.  It’s finished with a drizzle of chocolate ice cream topping.

The cheesecake filling is a gentle insert of cream cheese pastry filling followed with a little squirt of strawberry filling.  Julie will show you how in the video: Insert the cream cheese filling and then the strawberry through the same hole.

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Make more creative cupcakes like these!  This cookbook includes 25 cupcake and frosting recipes with sections for:

  • Essential Frosting Recipes
  • Fancy Filled Cupcakes
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  • Chocolate Coated Cupcakes

These are not your everyday cupcakes!

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Don’t Miss the Instructional Video!

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to fill cupcakes.  You’ll never go back to empty cupcakes.


Get a Free Cupcake Mix

We recommend a denser cake mix than the light airy grocery store mixes.  A denser cake mix balances better with the sweetness of the frosting and filling.

Most cakes made from scratch have more substance.

Our Baby Cakes mixes were designed especially for cupcakes.  Technically, they are cream cake mix.  This really means they have pudding added to the batter.  Give them a try; we don’t think you’ll ever go back.

Choose a FREE mix—Fudgy Baby Cakes or Vanilla Bean Baby Cakes.  Expires June 8, 2015

Get Fillings for Your Cupcakes. 

What you saw in the video were two-pound dispenser packs.  Clip a corner, stick it in the cupcake and squeeze.  These fillings are used for everything from cream puffs to filled donuts, to buttery pastries like turnovers and strudels.  They are reasonably priced.

Save up to 32%.  Choose from 12 cream and fruit fillings.  Expires May 26, 2015

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Dennis Weaver has burnt food from Point Barrow, Alaska, to Miami, Florida. He is the founder of The Prepared Pantry in Rigby, Idaho and the author of How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking available as an E-book or as a Kindle book on Amazon.

He loves to help people bake and shares his vast collection of cooking and baking knowledge on his blog as well as in his E-books and Magazines.

Dennis lives in Rigby, Idaho, with his wife, Merri Ann. They have five wonderful children and five beautiful granddaughters.