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Prayers are meant to be an honest communication with our Father in Heaven. Sometimes (usually when children are the ones praying), we hear things that break the reverence of the prayer with giggles. As with so many other things involving these little ones, these moments tend to pop up when we’re at church or in a social setting where we’re trying to seem like we’re not crazy.

For the Lemon family, one of our favorite giggly prayer moments came when we had a neighborhood family over for the first time. My five-year-old’s prayer went something like this:

“Heavenly Father, we’re thankful my friend could come over and play Legos with me. We’re glad to have dinner with these people, especially Lincoln. We’re thankful for the jackpot of body parts, weapons and heads we found. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

One of our guests was laughing too hard to say ‘amen’ and his poor wife seemed like she wasn’t sure what to think.

We figured out our son was referring to a recently-discovered stash of Lego body parts, Lego weapons, and the Lego heads that seemed to be a result of our 3-year-old’s re-enactment of the French Revolution. How the heads and body parts were removed and where they were hidden isn’t critical to the story, but the joy a five-year-old got from finding them is.

And my son isn’t the only one who speaks from the heart and brings giggles and smiles to the prayer. Some examples from past submissions to Latter Day Laughs:

Lynn Johnson of Spanish Fork, Utah shared a story about a class of Sunbeams and their honest take on prayer:

Today in my Primary class of cute, but wild, 4-year-olds, our lesson was on prayer. We talked about the importance of saying both “I Thank Thee” and “I Ask Thee” in our prayers.  When I questioned one little girl what she would ask Heavenly Father in her prayer, her response was: “I’d ask him how things are goin’.”

Meridian reader Jody Livingston originally shared this delightful story about a child’s prayer back in 2011:

A few nights ago as I drew my family together to say family prayer, it was my 6-year-old daughter’s turn to pray.  We had to laugh when she included this plea in her prayer: “And bless that no harm or axe will fall upon us.”

And it’s not just kids who get mixed up during prayers! Deanna Groke from New Harmony, Utah shares a funny moment she once had during a prayer:

As a Relief Society president in a ward mostly composed of military families, we had a lot of people moving in and out.  I tried to keep up with all this, always afraid that I would miss a new sister in the ward.  One day during the opening prayer in Relief Society, one of the sisters prayed: “Please bless this sisterhood….”   I immediately felt sick to my stomach.  “Who was Sister Hood?“ I thought, “And why had I not met her?“

We’d love to hear what funny stories you’ve experienced during prayer, or anything else in daily life (You’re saying your prayers daily, right?). Send your funny stories to