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Sometimes kids teach us valuable lessons about life, sometimes they make us crazy, and sometimes they say something that just makes us laugh when we need it most. It’s true that kids really do say the darndest things.

Our family was digging a 10-foot deep hole around our entire house to fix a major problem with the foundation. My main job during this activity was to haul up the buckets of dirt from the bottom of the pit. My son Kevin was ‘helping’ me do this and we had the following conversation:

KEVIN: Dad, how are you lifting that much dirt?
ME: Because I’m strong.
KEVIN: How do I get strong?
ME: You grow up and go through puberty.
KEVIN: What’s puberty?
ME: It’s where you get hair in your armpits.
KEVIN: What’s an armpit?
ME: (I hold open my T-shirt sleeve so he can see my armpit)
KEVIN: Whoa. You must be REALLY strong.

I’ve laughed about that every time I remember it. I love that little guy!

Like me, many of our readers have heard some pretty funny things coming from the mouths of our little ones. Here are a few of our favorites from the past, starting with Alisa Toy from Columbus, Mississippi sharing this one from her son:

As we were driving home from soccer practice, we noticed the moon was just a sliver in the sky.  I pointed it out to our son, Jarom, and after a few moments he asked, “Mom, how big is God’s finger?”  I told him I didn’t know for sure and wondered why he was asking.  He explained:  “It’s just that I think he clipped his fingernail and left it in the sky.  Ew, gross!”

And Karyn Cannon of Redlands, California shared this one from her son:

We were having family night with our children and my husband was talking about trials.  He casually asked our distracted 3 year old if he knew what a trial was.  My son’s quick response was: “Yes, I am a trial of God.” 

Meridian Reader Jeremy Lott of West Richland, Washington shared this delightful quip from their seven-year-old:

Not long ago we were teaching our young children about gratitude.  We told them how they should be thankful for everything that they have.  To help it sink in, we told them to think about the pattern of “I’m thankful for [item] because if I didn’t have it then [consequence].”  My very creative 7-year-old said the prayer and included this line: “We’re thankful for the earth because if we didn’t have it then we’d all be space men.”

And just to show that it’s not only the little boys kicking out funny things, Loray Randall from White Bear Lake, Minnesota shared this one from a little girl in their primary:

A family attended the temple just before Christmas to be sealed. Later in Primary they were discussing activities the children had done with their families during the holidays. The leader asked a girl from this particular family and she said they had gone to the temple. When asked what they did there she replied: “We got stapled.”

Ha! You’ve got to love these kids! You know what else we love? When our readers send in their stories that have brought a chuckle, a smile, or a burst-out-loud laugh. Send those things that have made you laugh to