It’s no wonder that breakfFull-BaconEggCheeseBiscuitast sandwiches are so popular – they’re super good and you can eat them on the go. If you make your own, you can design them just the way you (or the kids) like them. Today, we’ll show you two ways.

Breakfast Sandwiches on a Biscuit

These are easy and quick because biscuits can be easy and quick.

Use a Just-Add-Water Biscuit Mix. We call them “Instant Biscuits” because you can have them on the table in 15 minutes. Just add water, form the biscuits, and bake.

You can make breakfast sandwiches like the fast food restaurants with biscuits, English muffins or pancakes. In this article, we’ll use biscuits.  For directions to make breakfast sandwiches with pancakes, check out our breakfast sandwiches made with pancakes.

Step 1
Make the biscuits. Use your favorite recipe or one of our biscuit mixes.  Consider making your biscuits larger than normal. Leftover biscuits work fine.

Step 2
Make and fry the sausage patties. Unless you made oversized biscuits, you will need to make patties a little smaller. Of course, you can use bacon if you prefer.


Step 3
Fry the eggs. You need nice, round egg disks. Use our nonstick egg and pancake rings or cut the ends out of a can. We like scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs. When we use scrambled eggs, we mix the cheese right in with the eggs.

Step 4
Assemble your sandwiches. Place the eggs and sausage or bacon on a split biscuit. Add a slice of cheese if you prefer.

Breakfast Sandwiches on a Roll

We made these on Salted Water Rolls that we made the night before. We may be a little biased, but we think these are the best sandwich rolls on the planet. They come with a mixture of seeds and pink Himalayan salt for topping. You’ll want to make the rolls the night before.


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