“Mormonism in Pictures” is a photo essay feature from MormonNewsroom.org depicting The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members around the world. Today we feature photos from the traditional lighting of Temple Square for the Christmas season.

The Christmas season is officially underway on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. On Friday night, November 28, 2014, millions of multicolored lights were turned on for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. Temple Square is internationally recognized for its annual lights display that is turned on nightly through the holiday season. The weather was mild this year for the lighting ceremonies, attracting many families to see the lighted trees and decorations and other features over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Crews start wrapping the trees with hundreds of strings of lights in August, long before they start to drop their leaves, to create a winter wonderland for visitors of all ages to enjoy through New Year’s Eve. This year’s display also features crèches and luminaries to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Temple Square is filled with children excited to see the lights of Christmas.

Nativity scenes are placed throughout Temple Square for the Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who is central to Mormon beliefs.

Temple Square is lit with thousands of tiny lights.

Joseph, Mary and the Christ child appear to be floating on the reflecting pool at Temple Square.

A tall and beautifully decorated Christmas tree adorns the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

Wide-eyed and excited, children accompany their families to Temple Square for the annual Christmas lighting.

The Assembly Hall is dressed for Christmas.

Christmas lights are mirrored in the reflection pool on Temple Square.

The Salt Lake Temple stands brightly among the thousands of Christmas lights on Temple Square.

Capturing the Christmas moment in pictures is important for many visitors to Temple Square.

Thousands of tiny lights twinkle like stars in Temple Square.

Crèches depicting many of the world’s cultural beliefs of Joseph, Mary and the Christ child are located throughout Temple Square.

Several varieties of nativity scenes are located throughout Temple Square.

Thousands of tiny Christmas lights placed around Temple Square beginning in August are illuminated at dusk.

Thousands of people visited Temple Square as colorful lights are turned on, celebrating the Christmas season.

Caught in a magical moment, people of all ages were surrounded by thousands of tiny Christmas lights on Temple Square.

Christmas lights are strung in trees and placed on the ground throughout Temple Square and all are lit at dusk to the enjoyment of thousands of people.

People of all ages come to Temple Square in time to see thousands of lights turned on at dusk to begin the Christmas season.

A mixture of multicolored Christmas lights dazzles visitors on Temple Square.

Missionaries serving on Temple Square provided Christmas hymns as people came to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season the day after Thanksgiving.

With the Salt Lake Temple as their backdrop and Christmas lights illuminating Temple Square, a young man strikes the familiar knee-to-the-ground pose to ask his girlfriend to marry him. She said YES!