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My favorite German pancake recipe is anything with fruit in it. The one above is just an everyday German pancake with luscious strawberries, a drizzle of lemon sauce, and lemon cloud whipped cream. (Instead of vanilla, use lemon flavor and lemon zest in the whipped cream.)

That’s an everyday German pancake but I could eat that for breakfast, supper, or dessert.

fav german pancake 2

But let me back up a bit. I like pannekoeken too. To the right is a pannekoeken. It’s cooked in a specialty pan, a pannekoeken pan. It rises into a giant bowl. You serve it by cutting it into wedges. You can dress it with a syrup and whipped cream if you’d like or just drizzle it with syrup.

The German pancake above was baked in an ordinary baking dish. It’s more unruly than a pannekoeken, it buckles and folds and takes twice as long to bake. But both are very good. Some days you feel like a pannekoeken and some days, a German pancake.

fav german pancake 3

You can serve either one with a simple syrup and your family and friends will love it. But add fresh fruit to it, now you’ve really got something.

So this time of year, your dilemma is, “What fresh fruit should I add?” Peaches and strawberries are wonderful. The tradition is sautéed apples in brown sugar. But berries, plums, and mangos are all excellent.

What are you going to put on your fruit? Most fruit is a little tart and can use a sweetener. Syrups are perfect. Caramel syrup is excellent along with any of the warm flavors: Butterscotch, coconut, vanilla cream, cinnamon cream, butter rum, and more. If you want to add a dollop of whipped cream, skip the vanilla and go to any of these syrup flavors.

You’re going to like what you make.

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