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September 24, 2018

First Line News Articles for Monday, September 24 2018

Top Stories

Kavanaugh accuser will testify in open hearing on Thursday

Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford said in a statement on Sunday that she has committed to testifying in an open hearing on Thursday about her allegation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

2nd woman accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct: Report

A former Yale University classmate of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, alleges that he sexually assaulted her 35 years ago at a party, according to The New Yorker.

GOP troubles with women get worse after Trump defends Kavanaugh on sexual assault accusation

Hill’s video highlights the threat Republicans face as they defend President Trump and his embattled Supreme Court nominee, Brett M. Kavanaugh.

New Trump rule would deny green cards to immigrants who took food stamps, Medicaid

The Trump administration announced a proposed rule Saturday that would make it harder to obtain visas or green cards for immigrants already in the U.S. legally, as well as those seeking to enter, if they have ever been dependent on certain public benefits, like Medicaid, food stamps or public housing.

LDS News

Latter-day Saints officials announce details behind Boy Scout replacement program

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released details behind a new program for youth on Friday.

Tribal members settle abuse cases against LDS Church

Four Native Americans who claimed they were sexually abused while enrolled in a now-defunct The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints foster program decades ago filed paperwork to dismiss their cases after reaching financial settlements, a lawyer said.

Men’s soccer reaches 22-game winning streak with victories over Utah, Weber State

The BYU men’s soccer team is riding on a 22-game winning streak as they prepare for games against in-state rivals Utah State and Utah Valley on Sept. 21 and Sept. 22, respectively.

UVU’s first female president shows ‘dreams are free’

Astrid S. Tuminez coined a phrase while speaking to maids in Singapore: “Dreams are free.” She said there are thousands of women, many of them from her native country of the Philippines, who have left their homes and their children to work as maids. Some of them have very difficult lives working around the clock, not being paid well and not being treated well.

‘World of Dance’ creates evening of ‘awe’

“World of Dance” — a collection of nationally and internationally recognized student dance ensembles from BYU — lit up the de Jong on Sept. 20–22. The annual event included performances by Ballroom Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Theatre, International Folk Dance Ensemble, Living Legends and Theatre Ballet.


North Carolina woman arrested after sheltering 27 dogs, cats abandoned during Florence

A woman who took in more than two dozen dogs and cats during Hurricane Florence has been charged with practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Tammie Hedges, founder of Crazy’s Claws N Paws animal rescue, was arrested Friday after 27 dogs and cats were confiscated from a temporary shelter.

Dead fish cover North Carolina roads as flood waters recede after Hurricane Florence

Fire crews dealing with the clean-up operation after Hurricane Florence are having to move thousands of dead fish from roadways after storm surges and flooded rivers brought shoals far inland.

#WhyIDidntReport: The hashtag supporting Christine Blasey Ford

President Trump inadvertently spawned a new and trending hashtag after questioning why Professor Christine Blasey Ford did not report her alleged sexual assault by his Supreme Court nominee when it happened 36 years ago.

Lindsey Graham: Appoint special counsel to investigate ‘bureaucratic coup’ against Trump

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said Sunday he believes “a bureaucratic coup” led by enemies of President Trump is taking place at the Justice Department, and the senator asked that a new special counsel be appointed to investigate.

$18 million in cocaine shows up amid bananas given to prison

This shipment of bananas donated to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was ripe for contraband. “Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, it gives you bananas. And sometimes, it gives you something you’d never expect!,” posted the department on Facebook.

Nikki Haley Declines To Echo Trump’s Skepticism About Kavanaugh Accuser

Christine Blasey Ford “deserves respect” and “deserves to be heard,” the UN ambassador said.

Tropical Storm Kirk gaining speed in Atlantic

As forecasters warn of more dangerous flooding in the Carolinas from Hurricane Florence’s torrential rainfall, they’re also keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Kirk in the Atlantic.

Suspect in 2014 Simsbury murder case turns himself in to police

It has been four years since the tragic death of Melissa Millan, a top executive at Mass Mutual who was stabbed in the chest while jogging in a peaceful area of Simsbury.

Dem Sen. Mazie Hirono says abuse allegations against Keith Ellison should be investigated

Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono on Sunday called for an investigation into allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running for attorney general of Minnesota.

A rare two-headed copperhead discovered in Virginia

A rare discovery was made in northern Virginia this month when a two-headed baby copperhead slithered in the yard of a resident.


Iran’s Rouhani fumes at US after Ahvaz parade attack

Gunmen opened fire at Revolutionary Guard troops in the south-western city of Ahvaz on Saturday, in an attack claimed by both an anti-government Arab group, and Islamic State militants.

US-China trade: US imposes biggest round of tariffs yet

A new round of US tariffs on Chinese goods has kicked in, the largest yet in the escalating trade war between the economic superpowers.

Japan’s PM says talks with Trump on trade were constructive ahead of meetings this week

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he had constructive talks on trade with U.S. President Donald Trump in New York on Sunday ahead of the second round of trade dialogues between the two countries this week.

Britain’s opposition Labour backs new election to solve Brexit

Britain’s opposition Labour Party prefers a new election to a second referendum on Brexit, its leader said on Sunday, heaping pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May whose plans for a divorce deal with the European Union have hit an impasse.

Trump to push ‘mutual respect and sovereignty’ at UN General Assembly

President Trump will reportedly frame his remarks at the United Nations General Assembly this week around “sovereignty.”

Amnesty International calls on China to end campaign forcing mostly Muslims into ‘re-education camps’

Amnesty International is demanding China end its campaign of “systematic repression” and reveal the whereabouts of nearly 1 million predominantly Muslim people who have been “arbitrarily detained” in the country’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

Death toll from capsized ferry rises to 224 as burials begin

Relatives wept in grief on Sunday at the mass burial in Tanzania of many of the 224 people who drowned when a ferry in capsized on Lake Victoria. Colorfully painted coffins were lined up to go into graves on Ukara Island. Grieving family members places wreaths of flowers on the coffins.

Maldives opposition declares victory over autocratic ruler in presidential election

The opposition candidate declared victory on Sunday in the presidential election in the Maldives, an unexpected blow to the country’s authoritarian leader, who had made a bid to consolidate power by jailing opponents and overruling the judiciary.

China’s Catholic Church pledges loyalty to Party after Vatican deal

China’s Catholic Church reaffirmed its loyalty to the country’s ruling Communist Party on Sunday, while welcoming a landmark deal struck with the Vatican on appointing new bishops.

Children’s remains found in Mexican mass graves

Tiny pants for a baby no older than 6 months and shiny pink sandals for a toddler are among the personal items that have turned up at mass graves in the Gulf state of Veracruz, driving home the brutality of rising violence in Mexico.


OPEC, Russia rebuff Trump’s call for immediate boost to oil output

OPEC’s leader Saudi Arabia and its biggest oil-producer ally outside the group, Russia, ruled out on Sunday any immediate, additional increase in crude output, effectively rebuffing U.S. President Donald Trump’s calls for action to cool the market.

Comcast’s Perilous Response to Netflix: Get a Whole Lot Bigger

Ever since Netflix Inc.’s meteoric rise jump-started the online-TV revolution, media executives have debated how to respond.


Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Successfully Deploys Landers to Asteroid Ryugu’s Surface

Two landers from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have successfully touched down on the Ryugu asteroid after separating from the Hayabusa2 probe in orbit, and have begun transmitting images from the space rock’s surface.

Galileo’s newly discovered letter shows his clever attempt to outsmart the Catholic Church

When astronomer Galileo Galilei got in trouble with the Catholic Church over his theories of the universe in the 17th century, he didn’t have the benefit of a public-relations flack to help him with damage control. So he took matters into his own hands, and engaged in some old-fashioned trickery.


Tiny Device Is a ‘Huge Advance’ for Treatment of Severe Heart Failure

A clip used to repair damaged heart valves sharply reduced deaths among patients with a grim prognosis.

Some flea-tick products increase seizure risk in pets, FDA says

Some flea and tick drugs could cause seizures and other neurological issues in pets, and owners should consult with their veterinarians to decide on an appropriate treatment, the Food and Drug Administration said.