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August 15, 2018

First Line News Articles for Wednesday, August 15 2018

Top Stories

Evacuations, rescues as ‘historic’ floods hit northeastern U.S.

New Jersey declared a partial state of emergency on Tuesday as forecasts for further heavy rainfall posed new danger in parts of that state, New York and Pennsylvania, where rescuers hauled people from waterways, flooded cars and homes.

Firefighter’s death in Mendocino Complex blaze is 6th this fire season

The largest fire in California history turned deadly on Monday as a firefighter tending the blaze was killed.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency over red tide

Gov. Rick Scott is declaring a state of emergency across parts of Florida that have been overrun by a toxic algae bloom that is killing fish and emptying beaches and restaurants.

‘Terrorist incident’ in London as car crashes near Parliament

The same location was the scene of a March 2017 terror attack that killed five people.

LDS News

Unexpected flood cleanup help in Bloomsburg

Tuesday marked a day of cleanup and caution in flooded parts of northeastern and central Pennsylvania. Victims hope more downpours don’t cause more problems while working at undoing what floodwaters did. Eyewitness News Reporter Mark Hiller shows us how some unexpected helping hands are making the cleanup a little easier.

Hill Cumorah Pageant gets new artistic director

The 2019 performance of the Hill Cumorah Pageant will feature a new artistic director for the first time in 14 years.

At 90 years old, this Utah man is proving that you’re never too old to serve the Lord

All callings are equal. That’s a truth that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often hear repeated, especially when they are extended callings that may not seem immediately suitable for their circumstances

MOA becomes first venue outside D.C. to host the Pulitzer Prize Photographs exhibit

The Museum of Art’s newest exhibit, Pulitzer Prize Photographs, showcases over 1,000 iconic pictures from every Pulitzer Prize Photograph winner since 1942. The exhibit is from the Newseum in Washington D.C., and the MOA is the first venue to host the exhibit outside of D.C.

Stumped by your family tree? The 63.7 million indexed names just added to FamilySearch might help

More than 100 million Americans have ancestors who immigrated through Ellis Island or one of the New York Harbor immigration stations that preceded it.


14-year-old boy uses legal quirk to run for Vermont governor

The Vermont Constitution doesn’t have an age requirement for people seeking the state’s highest office.

President Trump signs Hatch, Stewart’s national 3-digit suicide prevention hotline bill

A bill aimed at creating a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline was signed into law Tuesday by President Donald Trump. Sponsored by Utah Republicans Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Chris Stewart, the bill aims to make the hotline more accessible and user-friendly.

Nearly 1 year after Hurricane Maria, 100 percent of customers have power in Puerto Rico: Officials

Nearly 11 months after Hurricane Maria, 100 percent of the customers that lost power due to the storm have access to the grid as they now have electricity.

Trump campaign files for arbitration against former aide Omarosa

President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign filed for arbitration proceedings against former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman on Tuesday

Pentagon spokeswoman under inspector general investigation

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ public affairs chief is being investigated by the department’s inspector general after allegations that she misused her authority and used her staff for personal business, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Nine hurt as Denver gas explosion levels residential building

Nine people were injured, one critically, on Tuesday when a natural gas explosion leveled a Denver apartment house, a fire department spokesman said.

Pentagon to return bells captured in the Philippines over 100 years ago

The US military intends to return to the Philippines the famed Bells of Balangiga, captured by occupying US troops more than 100 years ago, a US defense official told CNN Tuesday.

Federal judge invalidates New Hampshire ballot-signature law

A federal judge on Tuesday invalidated a New Hampshire law aimed at identifying voter fraud, saying it was unfair to judge voters by their signatures.

Florida House candidate accused of lying about college degree apologizes for ‘mistake’

Melissa Howard, the GOP candidate for a Florida state House seat who was accused of lying about her college degree and NRA rating apologized on Monday, pledging to stay in the race “and lead by example from now on.”

Manafort defense rests without calling witnesses

The defense in Paul Manafort’s case has rested its case without calling witnesses.


Venezuela: Military figures arrested after drone ‘attack’

Venezuelan authorities say they have arrested 14 more people in connection with an alleged attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro.

Beijing furiously protests after US targets China in new defense act

China on Tuesday condemned measures targeting it in a new US defense act, saying that it exaggerated antagonism and that Beijing would take a close look at aspects that beef up the role of a US panel that reviews foreign investment proposals.

Russia to help UN with patrols along Syria-Israel frontier

The Russian military said Tuesday that its forces in Syria will help U.N. peacekeepers fully restore patrols along the volatile frontier between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Erdogan calls for Turkish boycott of U.S.-made electronics, singling out Apple’s iPhone

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that Turkey would boycott U.S.-made electronic products, escalating a feud with the Trump administration that has contributed to the rapid decline of the Turkish currency.

In a speech that Beijing tried to stop, Hong Kong independence advocate lashes out

A pro-independence Hong Kong politician whose party is under threat of a ban lashed out at China in a closely watched Tuesday speech, drawing immediate criticism from local authorities.

Italian bridge collapses in Genoa, killing at least 22, official says

Nearly two dozen people — including a child — were killed when a raised highway in Genoa crumbled during a sudden and violent storm, sending several vehicles plunging to the ground where rescuers desperately searched for survivors.


Southwest Airlines announces new rules for emotional support animals

Southwest Airlines announced Tuesday that it will soon enforce new restrictions on customers traveling with emotional support animals.

Lockheed wins $2.9 billion contract for U.S. missile warning satellites

Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) has been awarded a U.S. Air Force contract worth up to $2.9 billion for three missile warning satellites, the Air Force said on Tuesday.

Coca Cola is fighting Gatorade by investing in BodyArmor

Coca-Cola is doubling its efforts to compete with Pepsi’s Gatorade.


Oldest pterodactyl fossil discovered in Utah desert

About 210 million years ago, a strange “bird” with a pelican-like pouch, big fangs and a large, five-foot wingspan circled above the Utah desert, searching for its next meal.


Multigene test may find risk for heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer

A new way of measuring millions of small genetic variations that add up to cause harm allows researchers to calculate a person’s inherited risk for common diseases.