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June 22, 2018

First Line News Articles for Friday, June 22 2018

LDS News

After 45 years, the Rome temple can’t open soon enough for Church members in Italy

Native Romans Nicoletta and Umberto Pagnani have been married 41 years — all of them as members of the Church.

Guest conductor says he checks in with his musicians by asking ‘What would the Mormon Tabernacle Choir do?’

For Dr. John A. Romeri, standing in front of a talented choir with a conducting baton in hand is not much different than New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady dropping back to throw a football — it’s just what he does.

Elder Takashi Wada shares his conversion story to the LDS faith after growing up Buddhist

After embarking on a professional career that included prominent positions for multinational corporations in the United States and Japan, Takashi Wada had a decision to make.

Man Who Plays Nephi in Upcoming Book of Mormon Videos Receives Mission Call

Last summer, Jackson VanDerkwerken spent his summer across the country from his family in the desert of Goshen, Utah — not a typical summer for the then-17-year-old teenager — but when you’re cast as Nephi for the Book of Mormon videos, it’s necessary.

‘Angels are walking these hallways’: The ins and outs of the Brazil MTC

Fifty years ago, young Elder Ted Whitaker was basking in the final weeks of serving in the Brazilian Mission, having helped bring a family of eight — the Bittencourts, with two parents and six children — into the Church through baptism.