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December 14, 2017

First Line News Articles for Thursday, December 14 2017

LDS News

New Cedar City Utah Temple is a symbol of community’s pioneer grit, faith

Descendants of pioneer settlers — sent south by Brigham Young in the 1850s to mine iron deposits in the hills of what would become Iron County — have been raised with an “iron will.”

It’s not ‘if’ Mormons believe in grace, but ‘how’

At times when he has given a presentation, Stephen Robinson has been introduced as the man who changed the Mormon doctrine of grace.

Women auxiliary leaders present community awards in British Columbia

Three women auxiliary leaders of the Church — Sister Jean B. Bingham, Sister Joy D. Jones and Sister Carol F. McConkie — met on Dec. 2 with community members of all faiths living in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, to honor individuals and organizations that have made positive contributions to the area.

Returned Mormon missionary making splash at Boston College, contributes to upset of No. 1 Duke

Jordan Chatman, who transferred from BYU and is a returned Mormon missionary, has become a major contributor for the Boston College basketball team in his junior season.

‘Mormon soccer mom’ plying her trade in the pro, national ranks

Michele Vasconcelos may have forever redefined the term “Mormon soccer mom.”