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October 23, 2017

First Line News Articles for Monday, October 23 2017


US: Laptops in checked bags on airlines pose fire, explosion risk

The U.S. government is urging the world airline community to ban large, personal electronic devices like laptops from checked luggage because of the potential for a catastrophic fire.

Born joined at the head, twins can now sit side by side. Next stop: home.

Fifteen months after they were born joined at the head, twin girls from Mooresville are nearing another milestone in their young lives: going home.

Company behind anti-Trump intel dossier asks court to block Congress from reviewing records

The company behind the anti-Trump intelligence dossier that rocked last year’s U.S. election is mounting a legal challenge to block the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence from getting access to its banking records.

White House confident President Trump will have tax reform on his desk by December

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney says he “absolutely” believes that President Trump will have a tax reform bill on his desk by December.

Appeals court gives feds 11 days to find sponsor for illegal minor seeking abortion

A federal appeals court gave the Trump administration 11 days to find a sponsor for a 17-year-old illegal immigrant minor seeking an abortion on Friday, avoiding a decision on whether the constitutional right to an abortion extends to illegal immigrants.

US Navy prepares to defend allies amid heightened tensions with North Korea

Off the coast of the Korean Peninsula, U.S. and South Korean Navy ships prepared for an event they hope will never happen: a North Korean land and air attack against their neighbors to the south.

JFK assassination: Trump to allow release of classified documents

President Trump announced on Twitter that he will allow the release of thousands of classified documents about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy after years of delays.

Air Force may recall up to 1,000 retired military pilots to address ‘acute shortage’

The United States Air Force could recall as many as 1,000 retired military pilots to active-duty service to address an acute shortage in its ranks.

Jimmy Carter willing to be Trump’s envoy to North Korea

Former President Jimmy Carter says he’s willing to travel to North Korea as an envoy, if asked by President Trump, though he’s frightened by the situation and questions China’s influence on the belligerent hermit nation.

Top Senate Republican Aims for Tax Bill by Year-End

The top U.S. Senate Republican says he believes Congress can pass tax legislation by year-end, and he and other leaders are not abandoning the goal of a revenue-neutral bill.