March 21, 2019

First Line News Articles for Thursday, March 21 2019


U.S. Sanctions Venezuelan Gold Company for Supporting Maduro

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s Minerven state gold mining company which it says illicitly props up the regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

Italy rattles US and EU with likely support for China’s Belt and Road

Leaders set to endorse Italy’s role in ‘Silk Road’ trade network during Xi Jinping’s visit this week

Driver hijacks, sets ablaze school bus in Italy, children flee unharmed

A bus full of schoolchildren was hijacked and set on fire by its own driver on Wednesday in an apparent protest against migrant drownings in the Mediterranean, Italian authorities said.

New Zealanders turning over firearms after mass shooting

Authorities in New Zealand said citizens have been turning their firearms over to police in the days after a terror attack that targeted two mosques in Christchurch left at least 50 people dead, The Guardian reports.

Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 was reportedly saved by off-duty pilot day before deadly crash in Indonesia

The day before a brand new Lion Air jet crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from Indonesia’s capital city last fall — likely due to an equipment malfunction — an off-duty pilot reportedly helped save the aircraft when it began to dive.

Radovan Karadzic sentence increased to life at UN tribunal

A UN court has rejected an appeal by Bosnian Serb former leader Radovan Karadzic and increased his sentence to life in prison.

Netanyahu says Iran has ‘sensitive information’ on rival, Tehran denies hack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alleged on Wednesday that Iran could blackmail his main election rival, Benny Gantz, after hacking the former armed forces chief’s phone, even as Tehran denied doing so.

Massive, rare sunfish washes on shore of beach in South Australia

A rare sunfish that can weigh more than a car when fully grown washed up at the Coorong National Park in South Australia.