“Dude, you need some better dreams.”

This week’s addition to the cheer vault is a short one. While driving back from a camping trip this past month, my son had his window down and was flying his hand through the air like…well, like a flying hand hanging out a car window.

Since the rest of us were relying on the air conditioning to cool us off, the flying hand wasn’t a very welcome thing. The conversation in the car unfolded as follows:

“Kenneth, roll up your window.”

“I can’t. My hand is out there.”

“Then get you hand in here and roll up your window.”

“I can’t, dad. I’m trying to catch my dreams.”

Now, sometimes we dads rely on luck to help us parent better, and sometimes that help has to be from a higher power. I believe what happened at that precise moment was one of the latter.

You see, less than a second after uttering his declaration that he was trying to catch his dreams, an enormous bug exploded in his hand. As he pulled in his hand with a disgusted look on his face, his haughtiness melted away fast. He remarked something about his dreams apparently being an exploding bug as his younger brother gave him some wise council that might have been really sensible advice if the car wasn’t laughing hysterically at the time:

“Dude, you need some better dreams.”