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March 21, 2018

Past Issues

Taking the Clouds for Granted: Lessons from Mount Kilimanjaro (Monday 19 March, 2018)

With so many years of build-up and preparation and research, you’d think there wouldn’t be anything left to surprise me when I finally arrived at Mount Kilimanjaro, but the lessons I learned on this adventure of adventures were unexpected and moving and universal enough to be worthy of sharing. Here are just a few.

Better Ways of Disciplining Our Children (Monday 19 March, 2018)

What should a parent do when their child violates a family rule? What is the best way to teach our children to do the right things?

How Should We Understand the Symbolism in Jacob’s Blessings of Judah and Joseph? (Monday 19 March, 2018)

Some of the most significant prophecies in scripture regarding the posterity of Jacob are found in the blessings of Judah and Joseph in Genesis 49. However much of the poetry in the blessings is difficult to understand. How should we understand the rich symbolism of these verses? (Supplement to Gospel Doctrine Lesson 12).

How your Easter Hunt can Teach Kids to Minister (Monday 19 March, 2018)

I wanted Easter to be 100% Christ centered, but still retain the magic I had always enjoyed as a child—searching through lawn and flowering tree branches for candy prizes and my own painted creations. Inspiration came from Christ’s words to Peter during his resurrected appearance at the Sea of Galilee.

VIDEO: How to Increase Spiritual Power in Your Life (Monday 19 March, 2018)

Create spiritual dynamite in your life by combining these two potent ingredients to increase your personal power. Watch this new video from Mormon Channel to learn more.

LDS Church Outlines Plans to Extend Visitor Experience in Nauvoo (Monday 19 March, 2018)

The plan's first phase focuses on the roughly 20-acre "Temple District" and calls for restoring three historic homes, recreating another home along with the West Grove and other landscape features and adding a building housing original stones of the Nauvoo Temple.

Fortifying the Church from Within (Monday 19 March, 2018)

“Alma, arise and stand forth,” the angel commanded, “for why persecutest thou the church of God? For the Lord hath said: This is my church, and I will establish it; and nothing shall overthrow it, save it is the transgression of my people”. There was much assurance in this angelic declaration. We can continue to find assurance today.