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May 23, 2018

Past Issues

Behind the Scenes: Spencer W. Kimball and the Revelation on Priesthood (Monday 21 May, 2018)

The days leading up to June 1978 offer a classic illustration of the pattern leading to much of revelation—an urgent question, an intense consideration, a prayerfully formulated tentative answer, and a spiritual confirmation. Few have fought as hard for an answer as President Spencer W. Kimball in this matter.

INTERVIEW: New Docu-drama to Explore Personal Stories of Blacks and the Priesthood (Monday 21 May, 2018)

Peter Johnson, the maker of such LDS film favorites as “Mr. Kreuger’s Christmas” and “How Rare A Possession” talks about his current exciting film project: a docu-drama that presents gripping historical and present-day perspectives of the Priesthood for all races and nations. The movie features the true-life conversion story of Ed and Wanda Willis who started their life together in the early 60’s as active Black Panthers.

Teaching Our Children to Love and Serve Each Other (Monday 21 May, 2018)

Quarreling and bickering among siblings are painfully common in family life. How can parents prevent contention between their children?

LDS Man Cycles 1400 Miles in the Race to Become Nevada’s Next Governor (Monday 21 May, 2018)

In addition to being the parents of four children, Jared and his wife Heather Fisher are the owners of Las Vegas Cyclery and Escape Adventures bike tours. With cycling as his lens on the world, Fisher decided to ride 1400 miles across the state of Nevada in an attempt to better understand the people and the issues he might be tasked to help solve.

Apostles Meet with New Zealanders and Australians, Teach How to Love and Lift Others (Monday 21 May, 2018)

In two meetings in two countries the visiting Latter-day Saint authorities spoke to local congregational leaders from the lower half of New Zealand's North Island, and South Island, as well as leaders from congregations in Sydney.

Lesson 21: God Will Honor Those Who Honor Him (Monday 21 May, 2018)

As Latter-day Saints we recognize the weaknesses inherent in the people who are called to serve (especially ourselves!) and we know that occasionally there will be those servants who 'feed themselves' rather than the flock, but we also know the God in whom we trust.

Why See ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Before It Leaves Theaters (Monday 21 May, 2018)

First of all, it’s always great to see people in the theater supporting this and other Christian, faith-based films.  Christian movies have a terrible reputation for being cheesy and amateur, but this one was pretty good.  It’s a true story, which always makes it even more inspiring.

Did “Others” Influence Book of Mormon Peoples? (Monday 21 May, 2018)

Modern anthropological research tells us that the New World was already extensively populated when the Jaredites, Lehites, and Mulekites arrived. This may lead readers to wonder why other societies are never mentioned in the Book of Mormon? The first thing to consider is that there are actually quite a few clues in the text which suggest that “others” were living in the regions where these colonies settled.