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August 23, 2017

Past Issues

When You’re Caught in the Conflict Between Science and Religion (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

Listen in as Laura Harris Hales of the LDS Perspectives Podcast and Steven Peck share a blunt discussion about the harmful effect teaching a tension between science and religion can have on testimonies. Both science and religion can work together in Steven’s model of theology to build faith.

Body of LDS Soldier Killed in Afghanistan to Return Home on His Birthday (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

The remains of a Green Beret killed in Afghanistan last week will return to his southern Utah hometown on what would have been his 28th birthday.

Numerous Supreme Court Briefs Filed in Support of Creative Professionals Working According to their Faith (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

The U.S. Supreme Court has received numerous friend-of-the-court briefs in support of the freedom of a Washington state floral artist—and, by extension, other creative professionals—to decline to create artistic expression and participate in events with which they disagree.

Terrorism: Acknowledging the Threat, Minimizing the Fear (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

Do you know what to do should a terrorist attack occur? Does your family know what to do?

A Different Way to Make Delightful French Toast (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

If you love French toast, try making it this way. Instead of a soft, eggy crust, make it with a crusty, almost crispy coating. It's delightful! Here's how.

The Eclipse, New Friends, and Paying it Forward (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

We live in the region of the path of totality for the solar eclipse. Everyone in the area talked much of the year about ideas of how to use it to make money. We thought about it as well. We desperately need a new harp for our daughter. A new harp is tens of thousands of dollars. We have a nice property. We considered opening up our land for camping to earn some money to put toward the harp.

Sweeten the Sabbath with Family History (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

The Sabbath can be one of the sweetest, most rewarding times to do family history. The article “Sweeten the Sabbath with Family History” in this month’s Ensign and Liahona magazines give some family history activities that are great for Sundays. Here are some suggestions.

What Can We Learn from 10 of the Best Chiasms in the Book of Mormon? Part 3 (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

Nephi’s use of chiasmus “is that of a sophisticated literary technician.” One of the most chiastic sections of Nephi’s writings is the brass plates narrative. A chiastic pattern for all of 1 Nephi 3–5 has been proposed,6 and nine other chiasms have been found throughout this story.

5 LDS Musicians to Talk, Perform in ‘Face to Face’ Event (Tuesday 22 August, 2017)

Five musical artists will speak and perform for youths of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at a Face to Face broadcast on Oct. 11 at 6 p.m. MDT.