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September 26, 2017

Past Issues

Listen to the General Conference Women’s Session (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

Here are the links to listen to the General Women's Session as well as read the talk summaries.

LDS Church Calls New Members of the Relief Society and Primary General Boards (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

New members have been called to the Relief Society and Primary general boards of the Church. The new members joined other Church leaders on the stand Saturday evening, Sept. 23, for the general women’s session of The 187th Semiannual General Conference. All nine board members currently live in Utah.

Mormon Mystique or Mythology? (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

Though we are a “peculiar people,” through some simple acts, we can help correct the misconceptions that surround our faith and, in doing that, maybe create a desire in another person to know just a little bit more.

The Opioid Crisis: Tackling Addiction on a Personal Level (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

Recently in the United States, President Trump declared that opioid addiction is at a crisis level. But what does that mean? Everyone is talking about it. It affects all of us on one level or another. Where did it start? And why are so many good people becoming victims?

A Dozen Quick Tips To Chase The Blues Away (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

As Satan digs in to destroy everything in these latter days, including our own good moods, we need every strategy available to powerfully choose happiness every day. Here are twelve easy mood lifters that really work.

Variation of Jonah and the Whale Found in Rare Ancient Jewish Synagogue Mosaic (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

BYU professor, students involved in one of ‘the most exciting archaeological finds of the year’.

How You Can Tune in to the 187th Semiannual General Conference (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

Mormons gather twice a year to hear general authorities and other Church leaders share messages of spiritual guidance and inspiration on topics related to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here's how you can make sure not to miss it.

Look for the Good, Then Be the Good (Sunday 24 September, 2017)

Not only is it important to see the good in the world; it is important to take it one step further to be the good.