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July 21, 2018

Past Issues

Building a Celestial Marriage at Any Stage (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. Most of us marry feeling that nothing could possibly separate us, believing that a celestial marriage will be perfect and easy—a happily ever after. Yet life is not that way and we face the harsh reality of conflict where our perfect happiness can be shattered. What will save our happily ever after is to realize is that life and marriage evolve in stages.

Mormon Moviegoers: Ant Man and the Wasp, Relief from the Doom and Gloom (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

Cleverly written and out-right hilarious, Ant-Man and The Wasp provides a much-needed shot of lightheartedness after the darkness of Infinity War.

Do You Honestly Love Yourself? (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

Many of us work hard to learn to love others. But do we invest that same effort when it comes to ourselves?

What Can an Ancient Christian Text Tell us About the Book of Mormon? (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

In 1873, a Greek Orthodox bishop named Philotheos Bryennios was studying in a monastery in Constantinople when he came across an unusual ancient manuscript.1 It was called The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles or the Didache and was unlike anything most people had ever seen before. It contained instructions on how early Christians, perhaps as early as the end of the first century, were to perform ordinances and how the church was to conduct itself.

LDS Church comments as Dan Reynolds seeks to raise $1 million at second LoveLoud music fest (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

Dan Reynolds' own complex relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has grown more complicated since last summer’s Loveloud festival. He has heard from church members who felt he criticized the church in his documentary film "Believer." But Reynolds said he has been in regular contact with people at church headquarters since the first LoveLoud and called their patience with him "eye-opening."

What Children Think of Negative Consequences (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

Some parents are intentional about how they correct their children, and others find themselves fighting off frustration and trying one trick after another or emotionally manipulating their children into good behaviors. Guess what? Children can tell the difference.

BYU Study: Genetic marker paves way for more personalized MS treatment (Wednesday 18 July, 2018)

A study published today in Nature Genetics co-authored by BYU geneticist Mary Davis identifies biomarkers in multiple sclerosis patients that indicate if they are more likely to develop liver injury (a serious side effect) during the most common type of MS treatment. The research provides a path for clinicians to test patients prior to treatment so they can prevent drug-induced liver damage in at-risk patients.