March 21, 2019

Past Issues

Snow on the Daffodils: Coping with the Contradictions of Mortal Life (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

I woke with high hopes for some sunshine, but by noon it was snowing. Big fluffy snowflakes continued to fall until they bent my bright yellow daffodils almost to the ground. I hadn’t paid much attention to them until then and regretted that fact. Whenever snow bends our bright moments it has a tendency to wake us up a bit. The unexpected, the ironic, the contradictory can motivate us to look more carefully at the way we are spending the moments of our lives.

How Missionary Work in Italy Has Changed With The New Rome Temple (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

When Michael and Marian Pickerd met while serving as young missionaries in the Italy Rome Mission from 1977-1979, they thought nothing of it—their paths crossed only briefly while serving in Naples at the beginning of their missions. They could have never foreseen as they labored in the small branches of Italian Latter-day Saints that one day they would return to Italy together, this time to preside over their own mission and witness the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple.

Tips for Emergency Preparedness on a Tight Budget (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

I’m surprised by how many of those I speak with when teaching or communicating over social media have told me they just can’t afford food storage or preparing kits. There are many ways we can control what we spend when we prioritize. If your excuse for not preparing is lack of money, let me help.

What is the Greatest Test of Discipleship? (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

Some years ago, I had a falling out with a family member. I don’t remember the issue now. We said things to each other that were hurtful, so hurtful, in fact, that the relationship seemed irreparably broken with few pieces left to pick up and start over. We stomped out of each other’s lives forever. I wouldn’t forgive him; I couldn’t forgive him…but I had to forgive him.

Rescued by a Random Act of Kindness (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

Standing next to the dryer and our Mt. Never-rest of laundry, I could hear my young children. They were alternately crying and cheerfully chattering in that easy, emotion shifting way that little children are known for. My husband and I have 26 of them. Not really! But when you are eight months pregnant with your sixth child, you have five previous young children, and you don’t feel well, you might briefly feel sort of like you feel like this.

Why Did Jesus Teach Using Parables? (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

One of the notable aspects of Jesus’ ministry is that He frequently taught using parables, or short religiously instructive stories “that make use of characters, situations, and customs familiar to their audience.” In fact, Jesus used nearly 50 parables and other metaphors during his ministry as recorded in the New Testament Gospels.

Latter-day Saint Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ is Thrilling But Lacks Depth (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

If you’ve never seen a superhero film before, this probably won’t be the one to convert you to comic books. While it features female empowerment, it lacks some of the formulaic magic that has allowed so many films in the MCU to garner raving fans.

New Technology (Tuesday 19 March, 2019)

Cell phones were new, and the university made me carry one because I was the director of internet systems. They wanted to be able to get hold of me if something went wrong, which, with the internet in its infancy, it often did. Messages from my office phone were also routed to my cell phone and beeped me at the most inconvenient times. Shandy's messages always beeped me at the worst times of all.