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September 24, 2017


Text by Maurine Proctor
Photography by Scot Facer Proctor

Note from the Proctors:  This past two weeks we have been in the Philippines not only to cover the temple dedication of the Cebu City temple, but also to introduce you to a large segment of the Church—our Filipino brothers and sisters, many who suffer from profound poverty.  In our international reports and travels, we have often worked with organizations seeking to help the poor, but none has impressed us more than The Academy for Creating Enterprise for two reasons.

First, unlike many organizations, they empower people to help themselves, that sends the message—you have remarkable potential. Second, they target LDS returned missionaries.

So many Meridian readers write us and ask how they can help our impoverished fellow Saints, the number of which will only grow as the gospel continues to spread through Africa, Asia and Latin America.  This is how.  You can read more at the website or click here