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Cover Image: Peach Blackberry Cobbler with Red Currant Jelly ready to go into the oven.

We’ve chosen six articles from our summer’s writings that were the most popular, useful, or just timely, and pulled them together for a quick review. With some we’ve added additional comments to share with you. We’ve linked to the original articles on Meridian and in some cases, articles on our site for more information.

How to Make Sunday Dinner Less Stressful













Since I wrote that article, I’ve noted how many times people have reported that they often fix breakfast for Sunday dinner, especially on Fast Sunday. Breakfast is almost always easier with less preparation than a full course meal. Pancakes seem to be the most popular but waffles or French toast are easy as well.

The image here is of apple pie stuffed French toast. For stuffed French toast, you simply make a sandwich with two slices of bread and the filling in the middle, dredge it through the egg wash, and cook it as you would other French toast. The pictured French toast can be made with apple pie filling or apple pastry filling.

I liked Juli’s comments at the end of the Meridian article, how she organized work and got her kids involved in helping on Sunday.

If you want to try pancakes on Sunday, we have a five-pack of pancake mixes that includes two free syrup mixes for $25. They’re fancy mixes like raspberry sour cream and mountain berry so the kids will feel it’s special. That takes care of five Sundays.

Deliciously Simple Brownie Pops


We included this because they are so simple and so good. Put a craft stick in each brownie or blondie and freeze them. Then, warm the frosting to the right consistency and dip your brownies. Poke the sticks into a block of Styrofoam to let the frosting dry.

When we published the article, we offered coupons for a free Raspberry Sour Cream Blondie Mix. It’s available again. Just tell us where to send your coupon.

How to Make Skillet Cobblers



This time of year, you have to consider skillet cobblers. I love peach cobblers and I usually double the amount of fruit called for in the recipe. And it’s fun to get creative with cobblers. The image at the beginning of this article has peaches and blackberries and then spiked with red currant jelly. The jelly adds flavor, sweetener, and color. The other jelly that we use a lot is Peach Pineapple Paradise Jelly.

How about apple and pear cobblers? I’ve never seen a recipe for either. To the right is an image of a caramel apple cobbler ready to go in the oven. Use plenty of fresh fruit. That’s caramel ice cream topping and walnuts on top. You can do the same thing with pears.

You can use the recipe in the article or one of our mixes. We’ll give you a coupon to get two skillet cobbler mixes free.

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Six Things to Do with Peaches














I would make the peach season last until Christmas if I could. Though I’m hooked on peaches and cream (milk), you never run out of things to do with peaches. But my new scrumptious thing to do with peaches is peaches on a German pancake.

The cover picture on the article is peaches in a pannekoeken. A pannekoeken rises into a giant bowl. A German Pancake is similar but it buckles and folds in baking. Both use the same ingredients but the ratios are different.

A German pancake is made in an everyday baking pan. You can use your favorite recipe or our mix.

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How to Bake with Zucchini and Solve its Number One Problem


I included this because most of us are still awash with zucchini.

Why does your zucchini batter not always look the same? It’s the water. Zucchini is 95% water. If you grate your zucchini finer or beat your batter longer, you release more water. If you freeze it, you release even more water. You may need to adjust your recipe. This free book will tell you how.

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Nearly everything zucchini is better with cinnamon chips.

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About the Author

Dennis Weaver has burned food from Point Barrow, Alaska, to Miami, Florida. He is the founder of The Prepared Pantry in Rigby, Idaho and the author of How to Bake: The Art and Science of Baking   available as an E-book or as a Kindle book on Amazon.

Dennis lives in Rigby, Idaho, with his wife, Merri Ann. They have five wonderful children and five beautiful granddaughters.