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Memories is a tool in FamilySearch that allows you to preserve and share your family’s most important moments by adding family photos, documents, audio clips and stories. You can then organize and tag them, attaching them to individuals on your family tree. This turns these treasured moments into heirlooms that can be passed down in your family and easily accessed by even distant family members.

Previously, when creating a story in Memories, you could only choose one photo to attach to each story. There’s no longer any reason to limit yourself! A recent update allows you to expand and add increased depth to your family stories by uploading up to 10 photos with each story.

Ready to get started creating improved stories with more photos? Here’s all you need to know to do just that:

Adding Family Photos to Your Stories

Once you’re logged in to FamilySearch, select the Memories tab from the main FamilySearch menu. Then, when you reach the Memories page, click the Add Memories button.

A menu at the top allows you to view memories you already have—photographs, stories, documents, audio clips—or all of them at once. If you haven’t added memories before, that’s okay! You can add your very first memory from this page. Just click the green plus sign when you’re ready to add a memory.

After doing this, you’ll see a couple of choices. You can upload a file (a photo, audio clip or document) from your computer or phone. If you’d like to add a story, select Create a Story.

That will bring you to the screen where you can enter your story.

To get full instructions from Family Search, click here