Dear Brother Albright,

I would like to share a story that happened to me recently on my mission in Argentina (I’ve been home just one week).  Laura has always been a very religious person who has always loved Jesus Christ. She was baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church and she loves to read the Bible.

One night several years ago, Laura had a dream about a large building with the following words written on the front of the building:  “The School of Life.”  When she woke up the next day and went about her daily activities, she nearly forgot about the dream. A short time later, her friend invited her to attend some Sunday church meetings. Her friend happened to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Laura accepted her friend’s invitation and on the following Sunday went to the LDS church.  To her surprise, the church building that she saw in her dream was the same Mormon chapel in the city where she lived in Argentina. She enjoyed coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon but she eventually stopped attending.

Just three years later, on a Tuesday morning, my zone of 14 missionaries met had just started a “chain of fasts,” so that we could find chosen and elect people to teach.  The idea is simple–on the first day one companionship would fast and pray to find those searching for the truth, and then the next day a few other missionaries would fast, etc, until everyone in our zone had fasted to find investigators before Sunday.

That same day we started our fast, Laura was confused and troubled thinking about what religion to join. As she read the Bible, she felt the need to kneel down and offer up a sincere prayer for help. Shortly after she started to pray, she felt a strong impression that she needed to go outside and find some Mormon missionaries. She knew that she had to go to NOW!

She sprung up from her knees and ran outside her house in search of some LDS missionaries. A few minutes later she saw two missionaries (my companion and I) talking to a person down the street from where she lived.  She ran to where we were standing and interrupted our street contact to tell us that she needed to talk to us immediately.  It was very important.


We taught her the discussions over the next few days and she quickly gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel. Even though she had small doubts about certain issues that were not in accord with the doctrines of her first church, she recognized that God had showed her the truth of the Book of Mormon twice and she didn’t want to go against that light and truth from Him.

We taught her about the restored gospel, and Laura was baptized several weeks later.  She now serves in the Relief Society presidency of her local branch in Argentina.

I am so grateful that our zone’s fast and Laura’s sincere prayers intersected at just the right time while we were contacting people outside on her street.


Samuel Hutchings