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While Halloween is usually a day full of frights, these Studio C sketches will give you a day full of laughs even as they get you in the mood for an evening of costumes and candy and celebration. Studio C is one of BYUtv’s most popular original series, garnering national attention from Conan O’Brien, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, and ESPN among others.

These sketches all fall under the category of what Studio C star Matt Meese says, “should scare you a little and laugh you a lot”.

1. “Seasonal Things”  

This sketch was posted in anticipation of the release of Stranger Things 2 this past weekend. For any fans still hopped up on the excitement of the new season, you will especially appreciate this:


2. Halloween Prank Gone Wrong

For all of you planning Halloween pranks on your family and friends. Let this be a warning to you.


3. Murder Mystery Scandal

For fans of mystery and mayhem (and there must be lots of you out there, since Agatha Christie is the best selling fiction author of all time), here is the big reveal of a murder mystery gone very, very wrong.


4. Ann Withers Gets Goosebumps

And speaking of best-selling fiction authors, check out this unexpected and clever fan encounter with R.L. Stine.


5. Death Bed Repentance 

This one is a favorite for any time of the year.


6. Creepy Ghost Writer

You never know when all your unappreciated grammar knowledge might come in handy.