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Some people have been fooled. They think the Kingdom of God on Earth advances principally through the increasing visibility of faithful politicians, famed entertainers, prominent CEO’s and even top Church officials. Those types of gifted saints bless us all, but God needs comparatively few of them. God’s battle plan genius lies primarily in the prolonged and careful use of Secret-Ops agents—brave souls hidden behind enemy lines whose benevolent heroics stay off the radar of media scrutiny.

In fact, as far as enemy propaganda goes, none of this ever happened.

But first, understand today’s battlefield: Satan continues a scorched-earth policy on his bitter retreat toward hell, intending to burn as many lives as possible with toxic mists of darkness[i] on his way out. VE Day (Victory on Earth Day) occurred when Christ armed all humanity with the weapon of mass resurrection[ii] and deployed antidotes of repentance and forgiveness to heal the scars of sin. This He achieved at unspeakable personal cost, becoming essentially a human shield in mankind’s behalf—taking all of the adversary’s bullets/fiery darts intended for us. With the final victory already declared, today we fight lingering skirmishes aimed at liberating all human beings (each one a citizen of the Kingdom) from Satan’s remaining prison camps, where millions suffer slow spiritual starvation and forced labor for enemy purposes. Let’s be clear: no human being is an enemy. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against…the darkness of this world.” (Ephesians 6:12).

Better than a chess master who sees the victory trillions of moves in advance, God foreordains Secret-Ops warriors and carefully conceals them in strategic places of influence. The scriptures offer many examples. God had Rahab spiritually ready to offer protective shelter for Joshua and Caleb.[iii] He placed a little nameless Hebrew maid where she could advise Syrian Captain Naaman to visit Elisha.[iv] He prepared Abish,[v] through the remarkable dream of her father, with a readiness to quickly gather all of the city for Lamoni’s testimony. God arranged for a soft-hearted jailor to minister to Paul and Silas.[vi] God knew Alexander Donaphin would refuse to murder the Prophet Joseph.[vii]

Nephi indicates that in the battles of the last days, God has covenant agents “scattered upon all the face of the earth…armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory.”[viii] God also openly acknowledges that He has reserved unto himself “holy men that ye know not of.”[ix] The anonymity of such holy persons has nothing to do with them “hiding their light under a bushel.”[x] In fact, all of God’s Secret-Ops agents wield powerful search lights radiating the Father’s mercy for every soul desiring rescue. But the radar used by today’s popular media operates on a lower spiritual frequency. It fails to detect light broadcasted through heavenly channels, either ignoring it altogether or brushing it aside as static. Hence, gospel Secret-Ops agents continue influential operations in relative anonymity.

Unlike worldly operatives, gospel agents never feign dual loyalties. Even when stakes are high, their words and actions witness total allegiance to God “at all times and in all things and in all places.” Yet they take Matthew chapter 6 as an operations manual: They do their alms in secret, rather than “before men to be seen of them.” They pray in secret and “appear not unto men to fast.” They “do not sound a trumpet…in the streets that they may have the glory of men.”

Here are a few other things you should know about these types of little-known gospel warriors “no less serviceable”[xi] than the most famous and celebrated ones.

Secret Ops agents recognize that fame could compromise their operations. They need to maneuver unencumbered by titles, public demands, and internet scrutiny. For example, Agent Alan observes that people increasingly distrust leadership, but remain open to the real-life testimonials of the average guy next door, (like Amazon reviews.) In the same way, Alan believes that many doors—and hearts—open to him precisely because he’s NOT a bishop. His home teaching ministry resembles an underground resistance effort against the occupying forces of Babylon.

Secret Ops agents have convincing disguises. Agent Jamey, blind for 9 years after a brain tumor surgery, waits patiently as a sort of “sleeper-agent.” He stands ready at a moment’s notice to participate in one of the many coming miraculous demonstrations of Christ’s ability to heal every malady. This “blind” Secret-Ops agent—don’t let him fool you—has powerful spiritual eyes. While he waits, he anchors his community with a quiet living testimony that affliction doesn’t kill faith.

Secret-Ops agents often risk their own lives and fortunes to provide protective security for little royals. Like the fictional Scarlet Pimpernel who rescued the French Dauphin, these agents fight through cultural revolution to safely escort children toward their destinies as future heirs in the Kingdom. Working to help children recognize what’s most important, they know that a child’s character is often built stronger in quiet corners away from the light of fame. Their generic code names (Mom, Dad, Teacher) hardly convey the specialized devotion manifested by these faithful agents.

Secret-Ops liaisons can be found in all denominations. Agent Leah translates for inter-faith dialogue among those in any organization who seek to advance God’s work. A devout Catholic, she reduces the wounds from friendly fire—when allies unwittingly fight among themselves. Agent Diane regularly participates in 40-day prayer vigils[xii] in behalf of families who are considering abortions. Agents Jake and Nancy shelter troubled youth and arrange ongoing care for the homeless.

Secret-Ops agents may have biological cloaking devices such as shyness or social anxiety. These agents often develop laser-like focus for particular forms of service. Agent Bonnie works in decryption. Over ten years, she has deciphered and indexed more than 12,000 genealogical documents so that families can be united for eternity. Agent Laura runs a reconnaissance watchtower. Her prayer list is pages long and her prayers sometimes last for hours in behalf of those suffering on the battlefield.

Secret-Ops agents devise customized stratagems for their service. Agent Tom quietly refills prescriptions for missionaries at no cost when he sees their budgets are tight, and contributes other generous funds behind the scenes. Agent Sarah fights the disinformation from ward gossip with ingeniously designed positive gossip of her own. Rather than compliment a Sunday speaker directly, she asks the youth what they liked about the sermon. Later, she repeats back to the speaker everything positive said behind his back. Through numerous such carefully constructed conversations, Agent Sarah gossips her way to a more unified ward family.

Many Secret-Ops agents persevere through physical hardships and psychological fatigue. Courageous as any Navy Seal or Green Beret, these agents take the mantra, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”[xiii] Agent Amber coordinates compassionate service activities for the sick, pregnant, or bereaved within her local Relief Society. She rarely mentions that she is still recovering from back-reconstruction surgery involving 25 screws along her spinal column. Agent Rebekah mothers a son addicted to drugs, a son with autism, and an adopted bi-racial daughter. She uses these demanding circumstances to maximize her spiritual alliances with interfaith operatives from many arenas.

When Secret-Ops agents complete their earthly missions, we see only the death scenario. In reality, the Home Office has simply arranged a transfer to a new mission. Our immortal souls never cease to think, move and act. For reasons known fully only to Central Command Above, the illusion of death serves a powerful purpose in sculpting the hearts of those who remain. But while Secret-Ops agents look dead to some, those with inside intelligence know that such “deaths” merely provide agents a new assignment within advanced Angelic-Ops. That organization runs infinitely more sophisticated covert enterprises, outside the scope of this article.[xiv] [Please note: This metaphor should NOT be improperly extended to suggest that the Lord does not understand our grief when a loved one passes away. He knows the pain of separation is very real when we have loved as we ought to—and He mourns with us in personalized ways, as He did with Mary and Martha before bringing Lazarus back from the dead.]

This is only the tiniest starter list of gospel Special Forces. There’s also

  • those who stockpile resources for humanitarian relief during natural disasters.
  • school kids learning foreign languages for future missionary work.
  • priesthood deployment teams for individual search and rescue.
  • nursery teachers who train the newest interns.
  • moms who negotiate with the school districts for better internet filtering.
  • seminary teachers who prepare at midnight so they can teach pre-dawn.
  • high school students who recruit others to extraordinary kindness and compassion
  • and many, many more…..

Know any Secret-Ops agents within your circle? Tag them with this article and thank them for their service. Let them know their cover is safe with you!



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