Now for the highlight of the week: I GOT HIT BY A CAR! My entire mission I’ve wondered what to do if i was hit by a car and it finally happened. We were cruising down a hill known by the elders as Superman Hill, because it’s the biggest hill in the mission. I was definately going about 30 miles an hour because I was going with the flow of traffic.

The light at the bottom of the hill was green so I just went through at the bottom of the hill.  But then a car approaching from the opposite direction turned left in front of me and didn’t see me speeding down the hill.

My brakes are terrible on my bike. It’s hard to stop even when I’m not going fast. So there was no way for me to stop or avoid the collision. I saw it coming though, so I instinctively stood up on my pedals and I jumped up and over the car just before my the car slammed into my bike (this is intense right?).

I heard the car hit the bike underneath me, WHACK! I cleared the car’s hood because I jumped high and I landed on the other side of the car. All that happened to me was when I landed I couldn’t get my footing because of my speed so I had to tuck and roll and I banged me elbow and hip a little bit. There were people all around freaking out! Especially the guy who hit me. I felt bad for him and his wife. I’m pretty sure he thought he’d killed me.

His wife was crying thinking that they had killed me.  I was fine though. I jumped up and walked over to tell the folks to calm them down and assure them that I was alright.  I then checked out my bike.  Surprisingly it was still operable. I got on and we were on our way to our next appointment.

I’m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who hears our prayers and is willing to bless us.  I knew my track and field training in high school and college would come in handy someday, but didn’t realize it may have helped to save my life and the angels who watch over us to guide and protect us.

Elder John Michael Keeffer