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There are lots of smart, practical reasons to digitize your family photos, some of which are detailed below. First though, check out this video that will make you want to start digitizing this very day (and may or may not make you tear up a little on the way):

Organizing and digitizing old boxes of photos is one of those jobs that most of us can do but that we seem never to get around to. Kind of like cleaning out our closets, it’s always something for another day. The key to digitizing your old memories is visualizing the benefits and recognizing that they far outweigh the effort and cost involved.

Here are five big reasons to digitize your family photos:

  1. Better preservation. While nobody likes to think about destructive events such as floods and fires, too many families have had their photos destroyed in disasters. These memories are almost always the things they miss most. Digital files can be easily replicated and stored in different locations, which vastly increases their chances of survival.

    Old photos can also be fragile and digitizing them enables you to adjust colors digitally and to fix scratches, fold marks, and other damage. You can then print copies of the restored pictures on better paper, making them more likely to endure through the years.

  2. Flexible organization. Once your pictures are digitized, they can be organized in powerful ways, enabling you to search quickly and find what you’re looking for. You can also add valuable context, including the backstory, information about who was pictured, and where the photo was taken. These details can vastly increase the value of your pictures for generations to come.

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