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August 18, 2022

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C. ReadJuly 17, 2017

I agree with Mike Griffith about the movie. My husband and I did see it and I was really disappointed with the profanity and especially the reference to porn. None of it was necessary and could have been taken out and it would still have been a really good movie. A movie that you then could take your 13 year old to see. The unfortunate thing is that many parents will let their kids see it without even knowing what it is about. Then society wonders why things are the way they are with the youth of this country.

Mike GriffithJuly 17, 2017

After reading reviews of this movie on and, our family decided against seeing it. I don't consider the S-word and a partially complete F-word "moderate" profanity. A partially complete F-word is still the F-word, because you think of the word in your mind when you hear it. The movie includes a scene where teen girls talk about which super hero they would like to sleep with. The movie also includes a scene where a teen boy jokes about viewing porn. In my opinion, this isn't even a close call. There's far too much inappropriate material in this movie to justify seeing it.



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