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December 3, 2023

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Sorry, this one must remain anonymous, but thank you for this forumOctober 10, 2017

I could never wrap my brain around the spiritual dimension of sex. I think when I was ready to let go of my shame for liking sex, something I grew up thinking only "bad" or "loose" girls did, and actually realizing that was what I was still thinking after marriage, I was finally ready to have the spirit show me the spiritual truth about sex. "For this is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." First, to become immortal, you have to become mortal/physical. That can only happen with sex between a man and a woman. Sex, therefore, is absolutely essential to that part of the plan. Second, to experience eternal life, that is to say, the highest degree of glory in the celestial kingdom, that not only requires marriage, but the whole point of it is to become, as a god and goddess, king and queen, priest and priestess, ready and able to eternally engage in the work and glory of godliness - which is to continue to create, to bring spirits into being - to prepare them for their own progression, and to do this ongoingly - who cares if you can organize matter into stars, planets and galaxies, if you cannot do that highest work, that most glorious work - parenting spirit offspring? We are but touching the top particle of an immense iceberg when we only focus on sex in the mortal, physical, here and now relationships - we were created to assist in God's work and glory, every aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual relationships is designed to encourage us to do so! Anything that interferes with what can ultimately become an eternal marriage - not just kneeling across an altar and saying some words - but honoring covenants to the point where after this life we truly can and want to and do progress to achieve what our heavenly parents achieved, anything that interferes with that - well, just think about it, only one someone (and his minions) want to interfere, so all interference is authored by him. He is the only one gleeful when interference succeeds. This includes gender confusion, pornography, selfishness, shame, fear, manipulation, mind-games, abuse, infidelity, fornication, adultery, child abuse, rape, distractions of any and all kinds, if in the end it prevents us from understanding and fully embracing our roles in God's work and glory which we can only do together as husband and wife, it is a problem, and worth whatever we need to do to overcome it. Not out of some sense of obligation, but to ENJOY - to EXULT to TRANSCEND, as you put it, as God prepared all things, every little detail of our natures and physical design, to make possible, because it is what HE (and SHE) enjoy. Since all the above distractions are rampant in our society, and no one escapes all of them, it may take healing well beyond this life to overcome, and I have to believe that opportunity will be afforded victims and perpetrators (perpetrators were once victims) some which way or other. I used to be angry that men and women were so different - I used to think it was a curse. It took me a long time to see that maybe I was the one who was off-base. God wouldn't beat me over the head with this, it had to come line upon line as I was ready over several decades. The temple, House of the Lord, is no more important to God's work and glory than our body temples are, and the ultimate purpose of these bodies, beyond mortality is celestial glory with ALL that involves. I don't think we begin to comprehend it.



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