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August 18, 2022

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John GeeMarch 27, 2018

For DJA: Sorry, I did not look the Jeremiah passage up in the King James when I wrote the article. The Hebrew phrase for "keepers of the rib" is translated in the King James Version as "watched for my halting." For Lkoutz: The Bible is ambiguous about the timing of the introduction of Adam into the garden and the introduction of Eve. Other Latter-day Saint sources are more specific about the order of events. In making an argument about the text of Genesis, I was trying to match that ambiguity. The essential point is that the marriage took place before the Fall.

DeusenberryMarch 26, 2018

The article indicates the Hebrew Bible.

DJAMarch 25, 2018

Jeremiah 20:10 does not contain “keepers of the rib” or anything close. I can’t see that phrase anywhere in the scriptures. I love the concept - but don’t see it anywhere, can you help?

LkoutzMarch 22, 2018

WOW! This is a wonderful article!! My only thoughts otherwise is that I believe the Adam and Eve senerio in the endowment shows the couple "brought together" before they are introduced into the Garden Of Eden - which seems to indicate they were married before being introduced into the Garden. What are your thoughts here?

SCMarch 22, 2018

Would love greater insight on “keepers of the rib” concept, which is not readily apparent in Jeremiah. Thank you.



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