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August 18, 2022

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Lurlynn Burnett PotterMarch 19, 2013

I am so pleased as I anticipate the blessings that will be poured upon the heads of the people of Honduras. My heart rejoices!

Brother and Sister Weakley March 18, 2013

We served in Honduras from 2005 -2007. We are thrilled to see the Temple there. It will be a great blessing to all. May God smile kindly upon the Country.

Milt LytleMarch 18, 2013

Beautiful on the outside so the inside must be equal if not more beautiful in all its majesty. They will be blessed in many ways when they attend the temple.

esther mooreMarch 18, 2013

When will a temple come to trinidad and tobago it is nice to see how it is blessing the lives of the nephite decendents

KimMarch 18, 2013

What a wonderful thing! And may the blessings of The Lord be poured on the heads of Branch President Rafael Castro and the saints from the small island of Roatan, Honduras. They had a record number of saints attend from this island though it meant an afternoon ferry ride to the mainland arriving at midnight, then an 8 hour bus ride to Tegucigalpa, participating in the open house and then repeating the journey back that afternoon and into the next day- essentially 3 days without sleep. I am sure their was great sacrifice to pay for the trip as well. Bless you!

Bob DavisMarch 18, 2013

Yn 1988 I was privalged to goo Honduras as an interpreter From thre 223rd Military Intelegence Linguistc Batallion (CANG) for my two weel summer camp. What a wonderfu glorios people. One day comming back to Camp Dakotra in a UGHEY hillicopter , we came through a small valley and I coulcd FEEL the STRONG presence of the Laminite people from the Book of Mormon times. I am greatfull for that great testimony building experience. I shall never forget it!

Darrel CrawfordMarch 18, 2013

Sure wish they would put the celebration on You Tube so we all could see it.



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