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December 1, 2021

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Richard HillsJanuary 9, 2020

As to the weight of the "brass" plates of Laban versus the "gold" plates of Moroni, expecting that about twice as much material would be required to inscribe about twice as many words is reasonable. But the density of gold is about twice that of brass so the weights would be about the same. However, Reformed Egyptian characters, not Hebrew, were inscribed on the B.o.M. plates (Mormon 9:32-33), otherwise significantly larger plates would have been needed. If Hebrew characters were inscribed on the brass plates, we could significantly up their weight to perhaps 200 pounds. Poor Zoram.

mihajApril 13, 2015

I am amazed at what the Lord has provided even back in those days for us today......NO such things as gold plates as this was just fiction..well reality is here, people think it cannot be surely?.......God has said my wisdom is greater than your expectations of what is what is not. D+C 122:1-3

NicolaMarch 8, 2015

How is your trip going? Found bountiful. ? Had some honey! Thinking of you, nic

David GrahamMarch 6, 2015

Are there any translations of the records published anywhere?

CopymenschMarch 4, 2015

Great article! Don't forget the "brass" plates of Laban. The Book of Mormon plates weighed 60-70 pounds, and the printed text runs about 275,000 words. The Old Testament from Genesis to Jeremiah runs about 500,000 words. I would guestimate the Brass Plates weighed between 120 and 140 pounds. Imagine poor Zoram trying to lug them out of the city for Nephi! "Are you SURE you don't just need the Torah?"

Wayne FordMarch 4, 2015

Very interesting. How can anyone read about this type of thing and not believe the Joseph Smith story.

James WarrMarch 4, 2015

Great article! Well documented!

Steven S.March 4, 2015

Excellent article.



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