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August 18, 2022

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AleceFebruary 28, 2016

I just finished reading Warren's new book, Lehi and Sariah in Arabia. It is a treasure house of information about the Old World setting of the Book of Mormon and also shares insights about the New World account as well -- including some of the "legends" of the Mesoamerican people (the Maya in particular) about where their fore fathers came from. It was fascinating; and at only $9.99 for an e-book copy, is inexpensive as well. (I had no problems with the download from Xlibris; and I have very few bands of service where I currently reside, so it should pretty much work for everyone else as well!)

AleceFebruary 27, 2016

I have Warren's new book, Lehi and Sariah in Arabia -- which is pictured in this article -- and just finished reading it yesterday. It is a treasure trove of fascinating information -- some of which I already knew, but much that I didn't. I would urge anyone who wants to know more about the Old World setting for the Book of Mormon, as well as some additional information about it's connections with Mesoamerica, to -- at the least -- purchase an e-copy of the book! At only $9.99 -- with NO shipping (!) it is a very inexpensive price to pay for such a wealth of information, from someone who probably knows more, in general -- as well as in particular -- about the subject than anyone else currently studying it!

Johnathan RichardsFebruary 26, 2016

I've been following Warren's work over the past 3 decades and have his last book In the Footsteps of Lehi. I can't wait to read this-looks beautiful

Roger ScanlandFebruary 25, 2016

Very interesting! I look forward to reading the book.



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