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July 17, 2024

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Relapse is not recoveryJune 22, 2016

Leo, I respectfully disagree. Relapse is NOT part of the recovery process. That's not to say that relapse can't happen while someone is on the road to recovery, but in that moment of relapse, they are not in recovery. It is possible to recover without relapsing. Of course, given the nature of addiction, it's very difficult to do so! But that doesn't mean it isn't possible.

KatieJune 3, 2016

Happy to hear you are making it. Thank you for sharing your story.

Leo ClearJune 1, 2016

As one who leads an Addiction Recovery Group weekly meeting I appreciate the courage it takes not only to overcome this addiction but to share such a personal experience. My only comment is that whatever the addiction one is trying to overcome relapse is part of the process. What you see, touch, smell, hear or taste there is a new neural pathway formed in the brain. So repeated actions in an addiction come from the brain bringing those things to the conscience mind. I was glad to see the author reference the Atonement because that is the only way to truly overcome any addiction. There are many success stories regarding overcoming addiction by church members. It is a struggle, like Joseph Smith once described himself, "I am like a rough stone rolling". I hope that your porn free life is more marvelous than you imagined.

WhitneyJune 1, 2016

Philip, I really liked your comment. I too felt that this brother's story, while admirable in many respects, lacked information on how the Atonement played a part in his recovery.

Philip A HarrisonJune 1, 2016

I appreciate everyone who exercises the courage to share their story of addiction and recovery. As one who has struggled with this addiction myself, I have found great comfort and instruction in a quote from Elder Richard G. Scott: No matter what the source of difficulty and no matter how you begin to obtain relief—through a qualified professional therapist, doctor, priesthood leader, friend, concerned parent, or loved one—no matter how you begin, those solutions will never provide a complete answer. The final healing comes through faith in Jesus Christ and His teachings, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit and obedience to His commandments. (Ensign, May 1994, 7) Since I have found recovery only in and through the Savior, Jesus Christ, I rejoice whenever I hear how the Savior has blessed others, and how they have pursued a relationship with Him that has changed their hearts (Mosiah 5:2) and healed their souls. I would love to hear more details about how the Savior has helped this good brother who has courageously shared his story with us.

RoxyLynneJune 1, 2016

It's so hopeful to hear about the process of pornography addiction recovery from someone who has a healthy, happy relationship. As a parent of a son who is going through this struggle now, I worry so much about his ability to conquer this. These articles are so helpful bringing this terrible problem into the light. Thank you so much for sharing and lifting others in their battle.

GoodwinsJune 1, 2016

Great article. One more tool to add to the porn addict who wants to recover: the book Power Over Pornography. It is a step-by-step guide to dealing with temptations and triggers. It works.



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