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August 18, 2022

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BevonneSeptember 28, 2016

This is wonderful! I'm now a great-grandmother. I was thinking the other day how I wish I could start all over again because I have learned so much through the years. I wouldn't be so interested in what the world said "I should be doing". Maybe I was a good mother after all.

Bob SiskSeptember 27, 2016

I'm reminded of when Elder Boyd K. Packer came to one of our stake conferences years ago. He sensed that enough people in the stake had begun to wonder whether they really qualified for the Celestial kingdom and he felt to comment on that. As best I can remember, he said, " Don't worry so much about your salvation. All of you reasonably good people are going to the Celestial kingdom." Bob Sisk Chandler, AZ

TinaSeptember 27, 2016

This is beautifully written and puts so much perspective on my role as a mother. Thank you for posting this today.

MarianoSeptember 27, 2016

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ARTICLE! It couldn't have had a better timing in our lives.

Tahne LutzSeptember 27, 2016

Thank you! I needed these truths today.



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