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December 3, 2022

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Maria CordnerDecember 30, 2016

I appreciate your article on this subject. It was given me fresh perspective and empowered me with options to love my child more presently

LindaDecember 29, 2016

I am a born worrier. It is not comfortable at all. I try hard to not worry but it won't stay away. But I find that I don't worry about things that I don't care about.

Patricia JohnstonDecember 28, 2016

You've missed one mark that of "agency" - which God in heaven can not over step, and by no means possible, does that mean a parent who has concerned worry (temporarily) have a lack of faith and trust in God! Worry may well be rooted in fear because some times adult children's choices of the past also dictate/indicate what they may be choosing presently or initiating for the future. A dance is created between the worried parent and the child/adult-child that is in play, not spoken and therefore, in my opinion, needs to be addressed between one or both parties before addressing the notion that "giving up the illusion of control or control itself" is an easy and doable prospect. It isn't !!! Worry is not a healthy productive way to view life, but sometimes it is so ingrained/habituated that it becomes a great hurdle to over come, and if unchallenged ends up with the same results on both ends for parent and child. Both lose!!

PaulaDecember 28, 2016

My grandmother and mother were worriers. They worrried about everything! And it drove me crazy as a child and a teen. When it came time for me to go to college, I felt that I was forced to stay nearby because of the constant worry. It wasn't until I was on my mission that I realized this same principle. I decided if I was worried about something then I needed to do something about it. Worry gets you nothing but high blood pressure and ulcers. Sometimes there are things that you worry about that you have no control over, like others decisions, but it gets you nowhere to worry about that. You are in control of your worries. They aren't in control of you.

ScottHDecember 27, 2016

I recently read that worry causes a dopamine release, which temporarily increases a feeling of well being. But the long-term effect is negative. In that way it can be like a self-destructive addiction.

Mark DonaldsonDecember 27, 2016

Well said! Very insightful!

KristineDecember 27, 2016

God has heard my prayers and answered it in the hour of need. Thank you Thank you! Our daughter in law just sent us a letter filled with anxiety that her two year old son would not have a strong relationship with us when he grows up because she and her brother lost interest in grandparents as teenagers. However, this child does live nearby and they did not. At this point, he likes the toys better than us and we have just given him the space and freedom to enjoy. This is expert insight which will be passed along and help solve a crisis for us. Thanks again for your expertise.



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